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作者:戴柯煒     發布:陳毅     發布時間:2019-02-26     瀏覽次數:213





演講人:Dr. Jussi Uusivuori(芬蘭自然資源研究院林業經濟教授)與Dr. Yaoqi Zhang(張耀啟,美國奧本大學林業經濟教授)

簡介:Dr. Uusivuori is currently a Professor of Forest Economics and Policy at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). Jussi gained his doctorate in 1990 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, in Forest Economics. His doctoral thesis dealt with the impacts of exchange rates in the U.S. imports and exports of forest industry products. Most of his work has focused on the economics of public policies relevant within the forest sector, like taxation, international trade, forest conservation and to climate and energy issues.  He has published extensively in Forest Science, American J. of Agricultural Economics, Economics of Climate Change, Energy Economics, Natural Resource Modeling, Tourism Economics, Ecological Economics, Forest Policy and Economics, Environmental and Development Economics. He is currently serving editorial board of Forest Policy and Economics and Editor of World Forest series by Springer. Jussi has been an invited lecturer, like in China, Russia and the United States. He has led several major research consortia, and has been in charge of coordinating governmental assessment work related to forests and climate policy. 

Dr. Zhang is currently professor at the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University, teaching ecological economics, land and forest economics. He received Ph.D. from University of Helsinki in 2001. Then he worked as a post-doc fellow and research associate in University of Toronto and University of Alberta from 2001 to 2003.  He has lead more than 20 projects including National Science Foundation, USDA, and NOVA. Working with more than 30scientists including biologist, ecologists and other natural scientists, he has published more 100 articles and book chapters in a variety of journals and academic book series.